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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
8:45 pm
NaNo WriMo Day 2 - 4689 words
And I finished the first chapter. Now I have to connect from from 5 weeks ago back to the present and get moving forward in time again. Then the real fun with time travel can start.
4:52 am
Speed Limit 186,000 miles/sec
This is strange but kinda nice, I go to sleep around 1 and wake up around 3:30 and still got a full 3 hours of sleep. We play with time to fit our whims, and hope that it doesn't do the same to us.

Current Mood: contemplative
1:04 am
NaNoWriMo Day 1 - 2712 words

This is on top of fighting this damn sore throat, making chicken stock from scratch then using most of the stock to make Lamb meatball soup with lemongrass, tomatoes, scallions, and ginger, and even cleaning up the kitchen aftermyself instead of waiting till tomorrow to do it. So overall, it was a good day.

Now I should sleep and see how tomorrow goes.

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Friday, October 31st, 2008
8:39 pm
NaNo WriteMo
Well now I've gone and done it. I can't even get myself to journal here more than 3 times a year but now I've gone and signed up to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Brilliant! I have had a bunch of ideas rattling around in this pumpkin sized head of mine so lets see if I can push some of them out into a semi-coherent novel shaped blob.

Yeah, I know dream on. My user name there is juanal just like here, and I am in the process of putting myself in the appropriate region. Then I will come back to lj and see about joining any lj-nanowritemo related groups.

Wish me luck, if you care, I will need it.
Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
8:44 am
Hey I got my MindMap
Here it is:

Click here to see!Collapse )

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Saturday, December 8th, 2007
7:20 pm
2500 mile rickshaw race
Annie is an old friend from college, and I always knew she was a little bit off, but she continues to give examples that show that she is more than just a little bit.

Anyone in SFO tomorrow can go to the fund raising party, but anyone can help out by donating if you want to.

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
3:34 pm
You should always be aware of the other action at your table
So I made a bonehead move at my tournament last night at the Tulalip. It is a weekly $40 entry, $300 added, no-rebuy tournament and I have gone for the last three weeks hoping to crack it like I have the Drift on Inn tournaments, in which I have tied for first twice, and made final table and cashed several times over the last few months of going most Sundays.

So the Monday night tournament at the 'Lip has had over 100 entries every time I have gone to it, and last night was no exception, there were 12 tables of 11 to start with plus we got all the alternates in before the second level to make it nearly 140 entries.

I made it, through my usual patience, some good plays, and at least one example of Forrest Gump-like dumb luck, to the final two tables of 10. That's 140 down to 20, not bad.

But now comes my bonehead move. I was pretty short stacked by this point so I had basically one move, All-In, and I had to be sure that I only used it when I had a better than average chance of having my hand hold up if I got called. I used it a couple of times with no callers to steal the blinds, usually with a dry ace or king, occasionally I would have something better than that. So I am in the small blind for 2000 in chips out of 10000 total that I have J5 off, but the player to my left is a tight player and will not risk 10000 on a couple of blanks so I decide to go all in and steal the big blind. And it worked like a charm, he folded right away, at which point my focus expanded to take in the whole table not just the blinds and realise that the guy two seats to my right had gone all in before I did and I compleatly missed both the verbalization, and the big stack of 1000 tournament dollar chips that more than covered my little stack of 10.

He flips up AJ off and I show my J5 and the board helps neither of us which is to say, I get no help at all to recover from my bonehead mistake and I am out of there in about 18th place.

I think I can crack this nut in the future and look forward to going back again, but I will have to remember next time to check out all of the action around the table and not be so focussed on my own and the action ahead of me.

Live and learn.

The upside is that I had a pretty good $3-$6 night, which never happens to me so I more than made up for the Tournament entry fee, but not the potential winnings of 7th place or better which is where I think I could have landed had I noticed the All-in bet ahead of me.

Current Mood: weird
Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
2:36 pm
Fahrenheit 451 ... This is how it begins
Book Bonfire

Actually it sounds like some tax collector probably started to assess this guy a tax on total inventory every year so he needs to get rid of his surplus stock before the next assesment. If I lived in his town this would work for me, I would be there to save the books from the flame. In fact I won't visit this stores site for fear that I'd start buying random books online just to save them.

I wonder when Half Price books is going to have another warehouse sale, I like those, books, and more books, everywhere and dirt cheap.

Current Mood: weird
7:45 am
This is my Mindmap on drugs
Following firni's lead I went and requested a mind map, being the cheap bastard I am (Hi, free LJ account still) I got the free version without all the fancy colors and links in it. Being he antisocial soul that I am it is not very big so here it is read it a weep.

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Sunday, May 20th, 2007
9:13 pm
Tied for 1st place in Sunday No Limit Holdem Tournament
I have to admit I was a luckbox through part of it, and gave at least two people really bad beats, but to be fair on one of them I started with the best (44 vs A9) and ended with the best (set of 4's vs two pair) and it wasn't my fault that the flop and turn made it look like the other guy should have won it.

My first hand was 77 under the gun so I raised to 300 and got one caller. The flop was A74 which made his pair of Aces not quite as good as my set of 7s, I put in 500 and was called, then 1000 on the blank on the turn and was called, then 1500 on the 7 on the river and was called making my quad 7s pay me 3450 on the first had when we each started with 4000.

The rest of the tourney kept going like that for me, a combination of catching great cards and making good bets landed me with a commanding chip lead at the final table with almost no looking back. Once I took out the third place finisher, who went all in on middle pair of 4's and I called with top pair of 6's (the other card was a 2), I started to believe I was bullet proof. Bad move.

First hand heads-up the very experienced old man, with a snow white beard and a matching white duffers cap on his head, goes over the top of me with an all in bet when I try to just limp in on the button. I think for a bit and stack up the bet and decide to call with my Q2 off against his pair of 3s. Just one over and I don't hit it, because NOT BULLET PROOF, so now he is doubled up which puts his chip stack at just a little bit under mine.

At this point he offers up a chop and I accept since 1st place pays out $370 and 2nd pays $250 and after nearly evening him up and not being too sure about my heads-up experience vs. his I decide it is better to take the $310 instead of fighting it out for another who knows how long just to change the result by another $60 either way.

So by chopping I deprive myself of my 1st official tournament win since it is a tie, but I can live with that. I have now played this tourney 5 times and have made the final table 3 times, made 6th place 2 times, broken even 1 time, and tied for first 1 time. Other than that I cashed in a NLH Tourney in 3rd place at the 'lip back in 2004.

Not bad, lets see if I can do better.

Current Mood: jubilant
Monday, May 14th, 2007
9:16 pm
Yay! I did it
I applied to a certificate program at the UW Extension for Game Development. If they accept me then I am going back to school starting in September or October (one place says it starts in September, another says October, so who knows). One class per quarter for four quarters and I will be all set to become someone's apprentice game developer or however it works in the game biz.

Yay me! I hope I get in. I have missed school, and doing game development seems like it will be fun.

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6:42 am
Results from Sunday's Tournament
I was on fire, then I took my own legs out, I have to learn how not to do that. I came in 6th out of 22 players this time which put me 3 positions out of the money and two off the bubble.

Lots of poker talk about flops and turns and pocket cards hereCollapse )

I am getting pretty good at playing this tournament, and closer to being able to seal the deal and end up in the money but it was not to happen this time, we will see about next.

Current Mood: disappointed
Friday, May 11th, 2007
8:23 am
Review: Ballard Jazz Festival: Moutin Reuinion Band, Carl Allen Trio, Multi-High School Jazz Band
and La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard.

I have been meaning to do this for two weeks so here goes.

First the restaurant.Collapse )

Now the music.Collapse )

A good time was had by all.

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
8:50 am
Ethical Quandry
Well, not realy just more of a couple of questions. So, my cow orker had to leave suddenly yesterday to go out of town for about a week (at least) to deal with some family issues. Before he got the news and took off he had purchaced a delicious looking Black Forrest Ham sandwich on a pumpernickle roll and put it in the shared work refrigerator.

Now the question is, knowing that he will not be back to claim it before it goes bad is it wrong of me to go ahead and have it for lunch or dinner today or tommorrow? And if I do take it, do I let him know about it and replace it for him at some point when he comes back or just let him think that it was thrown out at some point because it had been sitting in there for too long?

What does my esteamed readership think? I am leaning towards snagging it and then replacing it for him sometime next week when he gets back. I suppose I could greate a poll for this, but why?

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
9:08 pm
A real live 30%er spotted in the wild
Yesterday on my ride home on the #441 bus I was witness to a rare and wondrous sighting of a species that is ever too slowly going extinct. That's right I shared a bus ride home with a real life, honest to god, Bush lovin', talking points spoutin', thirty percenter.

He was in an argument with two other guys on the bus, which I thought was only fair that he be against it 2 to 1 since that is where his kind currently stand in this country.

The best part was his two lame attempts to end the conversation, first he asked the two guys if they could tell him why when a cow eats grass it comes out as large plops, and when a sheep eats grass it comes out as lumps, and when rabbits eat grass it comes out as pellets. One of the guys started to answer that they had different digestive systems, but that was not the answer he was looking for, the one he was looking for was "I dunno" to which he would have replied "Well if you don't know shit about shit, then why should I listen to you about anything else?" but this brain trust couldn't remember the lame ass punch line to his lame ass question so it came out all mangled and made no sense, leaving me trying really hard not to laugh out loud and stop the show prematurely.

Second, when the tide was really turning against his lame ass defense of Bush and his Surge he pulled out this prime chestnut "God warned me about people like you, and I am not going to listen to you anymore!" It was truly priceless, and of course he couldn't actually do what he said so when one of the guys asked him "What did God say to you?" he answered that God told him "...Not to argue with fools, because fools will always win." God doesn't think much of his debating skills I think, but I get what he meant and it makes me wonder, in his own mind how many arguments he has lost, and for that matter, how many has his hero Bush lost?
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
10:22 am
Input needed on Hold'em move
It was either my best laydown ever, or my bigest donkey move of all time. Either way it threw me off for the rest of the tournament and I was out within the next half hour of that hand.

Here is the setting, The Drift On Inn Casino in North Seattle has a daily 11:30pm tournament for a $35 buy in, no rebuys. I started going to the Sunday tournament three weeks ago and my track record, so far, is out first on my first week (no guts no glory!), out in 6th (I got my money back, this time) in the second week, and out 27th this last Sunday (after about 50mins of play).

The Sunday tourney usually attracts between 30 to 40 players, and this Sunday had 36 which started us as 4 nine handed tables. I was at the table with last weeks winner, a couple of other solid players, and a few fish who just came in to try thier luck at a tournament.

We are about 20 minutes into the tourney and I am down a little from my opening 4000 in chips, mainly from chasing small pairs past the flop when I should have given them up, but I did win a pot on one of those small pairs so it that almost evened me up for the session. The cards come out and I am under the gun so I look down and I have Big Slick suited hearts (Ace King for non poker players still reading along). The blinds had just changed from 50/100 to 100/200 so when I throw out 200 thinking I am putting in a small raise (too small, I know, and I should have verbalized it) I am just calling instead. The next guy folds and the fish in position 1 has a chasing hand (not as good as mine) and decides to raise it to 600 (which is exactly what I should have done) the next 3 players fold and the small blind looks down at a hand and decides to protect his blind with an all in bet knowing that the fish in position 1 is chasing because she had already been caught doing that several times before in the first 20 minutes. The big blind folds and the bet is back to me.

Now I am sitting there, with Big Slick suited, only 200 in the pot so far, knowing that position 1 is not going to call so I am heads up with the small blind if I call his all-in bet, and by the way he is the one who won last week. I know that I shouldn't give that too much respect right now, but there are 13 hands that have me beat right now and I think he has one of them, so he does not have to improve one bit to be ahead or to win and I do. So I sit there and look at my cards for another second or two, flip them up past 45 degrees, which signals to the big blind that I am about to fold them, (an obvious, and yet mostly useless tell) so he looks over at them and then freaks out as I proceed to put them in the muck. He almost doesn't wait long enough to let position 1 fold before he starts in, sarcastically I am pretty sure, praising me for the best lay down he has ever seen. He asks if he can share with the table, and I say sure since I think maybe I can use the super tight image to make a few moves later, and he tells the whole table what I laid down and that he would have bet his car keys, his wife, and anything else he could think of right there.

So there it is, I never did get a chance to make any moves after that, I never got cards better than Ace small to even semi bluff with, and I am not advanced enough to make complete bluffs with 9 2 off yet. People at my table started droping like flies and with five of us left they divided us to the other 3 tables where I lasted just a little while longer.

My exit was fun too, I am getting blinded off little by little and I now only have 100 over the big blind of 800 so I get a pair of 8's (Snowmen) and the guy to my right goes all in before I can do it. I still do it anyways because this is the best I have gotten since the AK suited at the other table. Everyone else folds, he takes back his over and we flip cards and he has pocket 3's so my 8's are dominating. Flop comes up A J Q making just about everyone who had paint in the muck groan outloud, the turn comes A and, yep....you guessed it the river comes a 3 and that is it for me. Pinche Rio.

So the input I need is, what do you think, did I do the right thing, or at least close to it by folding, or did I just not have enough gamble in me that day and I should have just gone all in and flipped the coin (I am pretty sure it was 50/50 against a pair even with me being suited)?
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
1:43 am
Great Poker night tonight
Stacey and I went up to the Tulalip to play a little $3-$6 and see how we could do. We sat down with $100 each, she was in the #6 position and I was at the #5. Those are the two positions we usually like to play if we can get them, amd most times we head up there we end up on the list for 10 to 15 minutes then they start a new table so we can pick our seats and those are the ones we pick.

First hand tonight I get A5d and I just call and so do 3 other people. the flop comes down A9A with two spades. I bet it and get two callers so I am thinking one is flushing and the other has an Ace with a better kicker than mine. The turn comes and its another spade, but I have to at least bet here to keep the presure on and it works I lose one caller but the other guy stays with me so we are head to head and I am hopping the next card gives me help cause I am losing to both a spade flush and Ace bigger kicker right now. The last card comes and its 5s and I'm in heaven cause I think I am about to get paid, but this is my first hand and I didn't have my usual time to get aclimated and I think my adrenaline was going too much and the guy could tell that I had it. Either that or I gave him too much credit and he had neither a single spade nor an Ace with a good kicker. So I bet my Aces full of fives and the guy folds on me. Yay, I win the first pot, boo I should have made $6 more than I did.

The night was good though, there were four buds from Montana and Idaho there who were fun to be playing against. One got beat 4 times with big pocket pairs, aces three times, kings once, that did not hold up against the board but he was not able to get away from it. I won two of those against him and Stacey one one of them. Then this other guy kept on raising and reraising with absolutely crappy hands. We gave him credit for it at first but then caught on to the fact that he was having way to many great hands and starting calling him down. Beat him with high card one time when he tried that crap, it was a pretty big pot too cause he kept trying to bluff it out. He may have been trying to set us up but if he was he never did get to pull that trigger in the 4 hours we played with him at the table.

In the end I ended up $14 in cash plus the $7 I paid for dinner out of my stake so $21 all together. Stacey ended the night up $81. Just 15 minutes earlier when I wanted to leave she was only up $40ish and I was up $90 but she wanted to stay another 15 minutes and I caught a couple of good starting hands that did not flop well and got into one pissing contest with raiser guy and Stacey both which Stacey ended up winning with Queens to my Jacks to his eights (see what I mean with this guy). So I basically passed all my profits for the night to Stacey but we both left up so that makes it a great night.

I love having a hobby where you can go and be entertained for 4 hours and leave with more money than you started with. Yeah sometimes we lose, but we are doing better than 50% when we play together, my personal average is less than that this year but I am working on it, so it is all to the good.
Saturday, February 24th, 2007
1:25 am
What I will probably be posting about in the future
So I have given this a lot of thought, and if I am going to get myself to post here with any regularity it will have to be about stuff that I do, or want to do regularly but nothing that I consider too personal because as extroverted as I can make myself out to be I am still a big introvert deep inside. So I will probably post mostly about 3 things, Poker, My workouts, and My diet. Those last two probably seem like they should be all part of the same but they really are not. For example I have been waaaay off my diet now for months, since my trainer left for a general manager's job at another gym, but I was only off my excersize for about two weeks while I was leaving one job and looking for another.

See the way I lost my weight last year was first getting into a regular excersize routine to where I was burning around 2250 calories a week at the gym but I didn't change my food intake very much. By May of last year I had lost a total of 12 pounds and this was going from not excersizing at all to doing it 4 times a week. This agrivated me to no end so I got the food thing going. Believe it or not the main component of my diet was thanks to the Wendy's dollar menu. It also let me save more of my weekly pocket cash so that I had more to play poker with but that is another story. For $2.16 a day I had a green salad with half a package of low cal ranch or french dressing and a small cup of Wendys chili. And depending on the dressing that was 275 or 280 calories for lunch. Breakfast was usually a cold piece of chicken breast tenders (not breaded) from Costco 110 calories, plus a bannana 120 calories. During the day I would snack on one or two small bags of Rold Gold pretzels 110 calories each and drink Diet Ice Botanical drinks 10 calories and dinner most nights was a Spinich or Mixed greens salad with lo-cal dressing and some more chicken breast for about 300 calories. I was living on about 1200 to 1500 calories a day but I was filling my mouth up with something usually every two hours while I was awake so I never felt like I was starving myself.

The reduced calories along with the excersize and I was down 35lbs by August 26th when my Dad got married in Las Vegas. I pretty much shocked both my Dad and my sister when they saw how much thinner I looked compaired to when they had last seen me in February for my sisters wedding.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that part before. My little sister got married on 2/4/6, it was more of a vows renual since they had already married at city hall a while back for insurance coverage, but this was in a church, and had a big reception, and for her that made it really really real. My best friends dad performmed the ceremony, he is a pastor, that was a real trip having a guy that I used to raid his fridge after school for leftover speghetti and meatballs or home made fried chicken officiate the wedding of my little sister. Tim and I learned to program on his computer, and my dads too, after school.

Anyways so now that the genie is out of the bottle expect more rambling such as this one from me in the future, or I might disapear for another year. But probably not until I tell about how I took $140 away from some folks at Binnions only to give it way the next day at Belagio and the Mirage.
Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
12:00 am
And in other news
Ok, so I have been informed that I am a dorkbutt for not posting here for over a year.  This is true.  I will try to do better from now on, but first a litlle bit of catch up.  And I do mean a little bit because I am on a deadline, I have four minutes to post this before midnight and the weekend is officially over.

So in the past year, my Dad got remairied in Las Vegas, and I was the best man, so I have now been in a Vegas Wedding.  I also played Hold'em at Binnions and won $140.  Not bad.

I quit my job at Granite Edge Networks and got a new Contract at Microsoft.

I lost 45 lbs last year and so far I have kept 40 of it off.  The Goal this year is 50 more.

All for now, I will expand later.
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
10:30 pm
Milo's Story
I received a friendly nudge that I hadn't posted up here in a while, so I thought I'd get up here and tell a little story based on something that happened to me today.

Milo's StoryCollapse )

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